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Each candle is 100% authentic & original for you – hand poured for every order!

candles imagery is not of the actual final product. candles are unique to every request.

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Red Mystic Candles

This is the color of life, energy along with the element of fire. The three aspects that always fall in to the topic include death, sex, birth and of course – blood. It has been used in spells connected with strength, passion, love as well as fertility. Boost your levels of courage and enthusiasm. Use it with defensive magic.



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Green Prosperity Candles


This will help you connect spiritually with mother nature as well as overall rejuvenation. Women have used this color to help improve their chances of naturally fertility. It also pushes good fortune, luck and overall prosperity. Your drive, ambition and overall success will improve. Treat your headaches and colds.



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Goals Blue Candles


Blue has been used for thousands of years with spells and magic which deal with peace, tranquility and honor. It aids with communication, peace as well as protection. Some have used it with their weight loss goals. You will also find this color candle used during meditation sessions. Boost your health & happiness.



Previous Custom Made Candle Orders

Purchase My Spell-crafted Wiccan Candles

Spell candles are often used to invoke a variety of different wishes like health, love, wealth, protection and more. Mystical Coven sells many magic candles, amulets, oils and potions in different colors and scents using fine ingredients like palm wax and beeswax.

Choose the feeling, spell or wish you are trying to evoke and shop my selection of  witchcraft candles, love spell candels and blessed herbal spell candles. We also offer lucky spirit brand, prosperity and relationship candles..


The images on the left are custom made candles from previous orders made for exclusively for loyal customers who requested a particular candle made to accompany a spellcasting  or specific need. Remember no candle is made exactly the same. Each candle is casted and supercharged with the spell and intent of the client’s wishes.